Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bunny Cupcakes

The day or so before baking, cut out two ears from white fondant, using a leaf cutter, and brush with rose dusting powder. At the same time make little balls for a nose and dust with the powder. Make two additional balls for the muzzle from the fondant and pinch them to be more pear shaped. Push the nose on top of it. Roll out a snake of fondant and pinch off a little bit, flatten and then shape to be rectangular and uneven. with the back of a paint brush, or blunt ended object, score a line to separate the teeth. Let all of these fondant pieces dry.
Bake your cupcakes in white liners and let cool. Warm white frosting in the microwave and dip the cupcakes into them so there is an even glaze. Add the ears, muzzle, teeth, and nose pieces. I melt candy wafers, or chocolate chips and use a toothpick to add the dots for the eyes and on the muzzle.
I guarantee people will love how cute these guys are :)

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